Training makes all the difference when comes to getting hired as a Yoga Instructor!


It seems that there is no end to the success stories of our Maha Shakti Graduates! Several of our students have secured teaching jobs in the Dallas  and Fort Worth area.  Ruth “rocked  it” in her interview/audition at Lifetime Fitness and got the job over  large group of candidates.  Ruth says, “all because of the training I received with the Maha Shakti program and it’s directors”!

And this…

“Well, I taught my first official class today and had a BLAST! One of my students is a teacher at that studio and said she couldn’t believe it was my first class. She said my cues and sequencing was great and that I must have had great instructors …  I most certainly DID! Thank you both for everything”. Kathy

Sherry G. had the confidence to become a vendor for the City of Dallas providing yoga classes for the Parks and Recreation Department. ” I felt I could start right away building my own business and creating a new career with the instruction I received from Amy and Adri. I feel I am well prepared to teach an all-level yoga class safely and use the skills I gained  in the Maha Shakti Course to help others develop their practice. I am sooooo excited about my future”! Sherry

Want to be as well-rounded and confident as these instructors? Tha Maha Shakti Teacher Training RYT 200 is starting again this April 2012… you too can be on your new career path with exceptional teaching  skills!

Students of Maha Shakti

Maha Shakti Teacher Trainers


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