We all have a special teacher…

Student-teachers Maha Shakti

These are the Teacher-Students of Maha Shakti 200RYT

 who’ve  helped us to explore our natural gifts. It is a human experience that all of us share. Maybe it was a school teacher, maybe a coach of some sort or possibly our parents. Our teachers show up when we are capable of learning what it is they are here to share with us. In order for us to grow as people we must connect with them in a unique way. Take a moment to think about this…. who inspired you to grow the most? What was their method? How did you learn… did you learn by watching, listening or doing?

Imagine that the practice of YOGA has been taught to eager students  for centuries… one teacher at a time, one student at a time… and yet, the traditions of yoga, which could have easily been lost in translation, have in fact maintained their value and continued to inspire students of this practice…. and teachers!

 Today if you have been inspired by a teacher in your life and yet  never imagined  yourself able to teach anything of value, think again. It could be as simple as a hobby or as complicated as helping someone discover their unique talents. You have gifts to share and there is a student out there who is in need of your instruction and guidance. Yoga, or UNION is what the essence of that teacher-student relationship. If you have been literally inspired by the asanas of yoga, or by the teacher who shared them with you when you were ready to learn, try paying it forward through the traditions of yoga. You may surprise yourself  and find an inner teacher who’s been trying to get out.

Maha Shakti Teacher Training Spring 2012 Starts April 21st… register online at www.twistpoweryoga.com


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