The maiden journey for the Maha Shakti teacher training at Twist Power Yoga began early July of 2011 and completed the last of its three modules early February, 2012. Divided into the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Ether and Air), the training uses these elements as a backdrop to relate our human experiences and existence to that of the universe around us, and how to draw strength from and diminish the weakness of the element being studied in order to bring an overall sense of balance and well-being.

The program is devised by Amy Johnson (200 E-RYT) and Adri Kyser (500 E-RYT) who are both accomplished students of Shiva Rea and brilliant instructors in their own right. What was so different about this teacher training for me was that I really learned how to apply what I learned to my real life. Learning about the Chakras and corresponding elements has deepened my practice tremendously. I have begun meditating again daily and feel much more spiritually connected with others – not at all times, but definitely more than before! I have insights now that give me peace of mind in this otherwise tumultuous world.

Because our studies include reading the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras on a regular basis, I feel my being has begun to absorb the ideas and principles expressed. For example, I’ve become more willing to let go of my mental and emotional attachments. Learning about the Prakriti and Purusha was also very interesting to me and helps me find my “place” in this crazy world. I loved learning about the doshas, koshas and gunas and how certain foods can affect the balance of our temperament. I keep finding more dots to connect and I’m loving this journey! I would definitely recommend this teacher training to anyone who wants to deepen their practice, whether they plan to teach or not. I am surprised how much I’ve gotten out of this teacher training. I was expecting to hone my teaching skills – which most assuredly I feel I did. But even much more than that, I really wasn’t expecting the major insight it’s given to my life. It’s helped me find the sweetness of life once again, something that’s been absent from my life for many years due to life circumstance and my overwhelmed state of response thereto.  As a grateful graduate of this program, I am honored to have been under the direct tutelage of  Amy Johnson and Adri Kyser and feel blessed for being able to connect with and be supported by the Mula Kula (our group of teacher trainees who got to know each other quite well during our time together in training, practicing on and with each other).  Thank you, Maha Shakti Teacher Training!

– Ruth Young, Maha Shakti graduate (1st  Class – Feb. 2012)


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  1. Great job Ruth! You will get the hang of bloggy tricks… you are a quick study! Thank you for sharing your experience with this amazing training.

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