Here we go!



As we get closer to the start of our Maha Shakti Teacher Training , I am reminded of just how enthusiastic  I was when I made the decision to further my practice and become a teacher. Just this morning as I opened  an e mail  from one of our  new students I  read the words , ” I was sooo excited to get this e mail”, and I was right there with her!

What’s even more rewarding  for me is that as I answered her questions and connected her to a mentor/graduate of the Maha Shakti program, I felt the “connection” we talk about in the yoga community. It is such a pleasure to assist others who like me, are ready to branch out and do something different with their lives.

 This is more than just a Yoga Teacher Training course… it is a commitment to oneself to reach higher, to  open your mind and  to learn for the simple  sake of knowledge itself what it is like to be part of a new community. In short,  being a student of  the Maha Shakti 200 RYT  is a commitment to GROW.




What do you think?

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