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Great yoga teachers are worth following.


As our next module of teacher training starts to fill up, I am reminded of the inspiration I felt the first time I parcticed with my first instructor. I didnt know then that I would become an instructor myself, but as my relationship with my teacher and myself developed, it became clear it was more than just a workout.
So 4or 5 yrs later, and alot of classes taken all over Dallas Texas, and I got the bug to teach this myself… only because one of my favorite instructors was teaching the course. What an oppptunity to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with other newbie yogis just like myself.
The Maha Shakti RYT 200 was more than getting certified, it was learning from masters in their field. Passionate women with so much knowledge it’s hard to know where to begin.
But begin you must if you feel even a slight nudge to try. You will forever be connected to your instructors and classmates… and you will always be glad you did it.


Are you reading this YOGA BLOG?


Maha Shakti co-founder shares her truth…Teach your Truth,  and so much more

Maha Shakti Co-founder Adri Kyser shares her Truth and Knowledge during this amazing Teacher Training in Dallas, Texas. Here’s a little insight into her journey as a yogini and educator.

Module 2  starts July 21st

Twist Power Yoga Studio/Maha Shakti Teacher Training


Growing by Leaps and bounds!


Jennifer is one of so many Maha Shakti students who have rave reviews of this unique and well established program for yoga teacher training. Teaching on the 1st day of class makes the all the difference.
“I can’t say enough about the Maha Shakti teacher training program!
Amy and Adri are wonderful.  They are fun, caring and extraordinarily
knowledgeable.  Everyone loves coming to class and talks about how
much they miss it when we have breaks!  I believe the hours we spend
practicing teaching yoga to each other are invaluable:  the entire                            

Teaching her 15 minute final

class has grown by leaps and bounds from the first, nerve-wracking
attempts at teaching each other sun salutations to the (still nerve
wracking) fifteen minute practical exam at the end of Module 1.
Former students have claimed that this is the best yoga teacher
training in the Metroplex, and I would have to agree!!” Jennifer Lovelace, Maha Shakti Student RYT 200

Module 1 is finished, and Module 2 begins July 21st… So many opportunities to shine..

Yoga as a new career path, Continuing education credits (CEU)s and a much deeper understanding of the ancient practice of yoga and it’s origins…

Maha Shakti Teacher Training is simply the BEST in Dallas.