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Feeling stuck? Try opening the sacral chakra… Swadisthasana

Feeling stuck? Try opening the sacral chakra… Swadisthasana

The second chakra is Swadhisthana or sacral chakra. This chakra is the center of our sexual and creative energy. It covers all the creative aspects like emotions, art, music, story telling, business and any thing else come under its control.

Sacral chakra keeps on changing its color, though its actual color is assumed as orange. Our emotions, friendship and relationship with others is related to swadhisthana. It is called self or own abode and has got six petals and it is traditionally related to our sexual impulses and energy. The celibacy is more emphasized in swadhisthana in order to raise powerful energy to our brain to enhance consciousness.

Chakra of Creativity: Opening or activating sacral chakra is paying attention on pure knowledge and the creativity in human life. It makes us to link with the inner source of inspiration and experience the beauty around us. The perception of reality is related to its pure knowledge, which is not a mental knowledge for us to relish. It provides us the power of converting the fat cells into the brain cells which further enhances our futuristic thoughts, thinking and creativity.

Swadhisthana created aestheticism in the mind of  man which further brings creativity.

Creation is Reflected: It is a chakra of creativity and it is reflected within us like a silent lake. We are supposed to locate the pool of beauty and our collective consciousness is developed without any ego to distort the art. Our spiritual awakening is made possible only through swadhisthana  chakra and the process start with the creativity up to the self-realization. Our brain gets boosted up and the creativity start functioning infinitely. Opening sacral chakra makes it possible for us to perceive the beauty in its true and aesthetic sense. Our creation in all fields are purely established in a different way.

Living a balanced or imbalanced life reflects the content of the energy within  your chakras. By gaining awareness of the reasons behind the choices you make,  you can break down the fears, illusions, and excuses and restore balance to your  sacral energy center.



Rooting down, to expand upward


Understanding all of the aspects of the practice of yoga is what Maha Shakti Teacher Training is founded on. Whether it is reading the Sutras by Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita or studying anatomy as it relates to yoga and postures. it is all part of a whole practice.

Eastern Body, Western Mind is a dense text explaining the chakra system. More than this however, it helps demystify the whole concept of what our energy centers are and how they can be aligned for a more centered and healthy life experience. Here in the west, as the book’s title suggests we are frequently”in-our-heads” and disconnected from our body’s intelligence. In reading this book, I have had some moments of “connection” of my own and I would like to share from time to time some of the more profound of these.

The author of Eastern Body, Western Mind Anodea Judith writes, ” The Muladhara chakra corresponds to the element earth, which is the ground for our roots…. Our roots can be seen as the way our system plugs in to the larger system of the planet, which is our source, the origin of the liberating current, from which all things grow up….We push against the earth in order to stand or move and we rest upon the earth (nurtured by gravity) when we choose to be still.”

The author continues…” Grounding brings consciousness into the body, and is essential for forming healthy boundaries. We feel more awake and alive when the downward current of consciousness connects with the body and meets the field of sensation, the edges and boundaries of physical reality.”

I know this is a lot to ponder, but just think on it for a minute… when we feel like we ar un-tethered, as if our life is spinning out of our control, we alone can stop the disconnect. We can practice standing still and feeling the earth beneath our feet. Look deeper into the causes of our chaos and we may find that the root of our problems lies in having poorly established boundaries, for our bodies, our minds or our hearts.  Stillness and feeling supported by the earth can do wonders to  re- create our sense of trust. Trust in the world and trust in our selves.

Today, as you step out into the world that seems ever-changing , remember that the earth, the ground,  your roots are what sustain you… no matter what your head may think!


Finding your ground …. no matter what!