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Why fear tastes better than candy


Well he looks friendly.

Ah, Halloween. That wondrous time of year filled with awestruck children, enough candy to permanently ruin your digestive track, and the world’s tiniest sexy nurse outfits. I’ve never been much of a Halloween person myself. Too much chance for vandalism or getting hit on by a guy dressed like Snooki for my tastes. But there is one thing I love: scary movies.

Let me be clear, gross movies are not my dig. If Saw 1-78 had never been made, the world would probably be a slightly shinier place, but I can’t seem to stay away from a good psychological horror flick. I didn’t sleep well for two weeks after seeing Paranormal Activity and yet I ran back to watch 2-4. Twisted.

I have always wondered where my interest came from. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase “But you’re such a nice girl…” and I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly interested in the macabre, but I love the tiny thrill of watching a solid ghost movie. Are gremlins in my house? Sweet, I’ll get over the nightmares! Is there a demon in my attic? Probably no room with the monstrosity of an AC unit I’m rocking, but I’ll let you know.

Which leads me to my question: What is the role that fear plays in our lives?

It obviously exists for a good reason. I mean, besides keeping us from nonstop bungee jumping, which frankly just doesn’t look safe. Fear makes us hesitate, think, question, and assess a situation. It also makes us miss opportunities to learn, stay stagnant, and lose loved ones. Ouch.

So how do we find that healthy balance? How do we recognize the good fear that keeps us from unsafe situations and separate it from the paralyzing kind, the kind where you won’t call your mother because you’re afraid she’ll judge you.

I actually wouldn’t suggest my scary movie method. You’ll never get some of the scenes from The Shining out of your head, trust me. But yoga maybe, now there’s something. I can’t tell you how many times in class I’ve thought “Oh hells to the no” when I was asked to lift one foot or maybe a hand. The simple act of flipping over can be terrifying if done while off-balance, which is the very reason you should at least consider it.

Nothing could possibly go wrong in this scenario.

Consistently testing your fear in small, repetitive ways can teach you to recognize when to ignore it and when to listen without too many consequences. I’ve face planted in crow pose and lived to tell the tale, but I’ve also pulled a ligament in my knee from not listening to a small voice in my head telling me to take it easy. Learning where the line is between over-protective and cautious will change your approach to life, it will open up doors and close windows you shouldn’t have been looking out of in the first place.

Maybe yoga isn’t your thing. Perhaps try a new hobby, an acting class, calling someone with an apology… Whatever makes your heart race just a tiny bit faster. After all, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

And, you know, whatever else is lurking outside in your bushes.


– Meg Weathers, RYT 200 Hr


Finding Inspiration… Internationally!

Adri Teaching Internationally


April 17, 2012 by Adri Kyser | 1 Comment

I just came back from an amazing weekend in Canada renewed, empowered and with new found Inspiration. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet and practice with such a lovely group of yogis, who opened their hearts to make me feel welcome and like one of their own.

When I first started teaching yoga,  I knew how powerful yoga can be but I did not know how powerful yoga can be when you surrender completely and get out of your own way…. Not just for the students but for us as teachers as well.

I found myself teaching this weekend to a group of yogis I have never met, yet there was a sense of trust and connection from the very beginning. We were ready to breath, move, and dance together. We were ready to flourish and awaken….

The transformation I witnessed within myself and among everyone present was a gift we all welcomed. Tears of joy and gratitude along with laughter, love and hope filled the room through many of our sessions.

Many of us got more clear definitions of what and where we want to be. Many of us got confirmation that we are doing exactly what we need to be doing or that we are on the right path. Some of us stepped out of our comfort zone and reached new highs never thought possible.

Trance dance was one of those moments for me. I have participated in many trance dances led by others. I danced to my fullest without any limitations or concerns, but I have never led a Trance Dance on my own before this weekend. I felt I was not ready yet. I made excuses and tried to justify it by making statements like” I am afraid that people won’t come or I would wonder how I would be judged….”

The day came and I could not hide or run anymore. I would find freedom and the willingness to be vulnerable to dance for my own liberation.

The saying, “when the teacher is ready the students will appear”, is not a joke! I not only got several students but the people that participated were looking for something like this for months. We all danced till exhaustion. We all danced to be moved and transformed. We all danced to find freedom.

The most powerful part about all this was that I completely surrendered and got out of my own way. I did not worry about the DJ having the perfect songs to play in the order I would like, or what to say, what to do and when. I trusted myself, I trusted the flow, I trusted that I would be guided in the right direction. I opened my heart and got out of my head! This was my yoga in action, I let go and let God guide me and take over and the best part was everyone did the same.

This was very transformational for me because I gave myself the space to be open and let things unfold naturally. I am someone that likes to plan, organize and have everything ready so I can do my very best….Don’t get me wrong I prepared and thought about few things, I even asked a friend for advise but at the end I let my heart be the guide.

Many of the participants were so grateful for my teaching and for what I was able to offer to them but I am not sure if they realized how much the gave me as well.

Here is something one of the students wrote about how she felt after the weekend with me…

Adri Teaching internationally

Adri Teaching Internationally

Adri in Canada

Teaching in Canada!


 “I feel my tummy… my own power and strength… I feel the flame burning stronger and higher than ever to continue trusting my hearts passion in holding space for reverencing water, honouring and recognizing our fluid bodies, going with flow, adapting, ever changing, cleansing and nourishing souls, welcoming tears for healing, allowing E (energy) Motion to be felt and move through, for clarity, for vision, for miracles and manifesting and revealing uncensored truths. I am water, strong and powerful yet yielding to that which rises as resistance in my mind and body…. and in the heart of that… I find surrender and peace. Thank you Adri Kyser ” ~ Sheena

I am so grateful for this weekend and for the opportunity I get everyday to step on my mat and follow my heart.

When was the last time you found yourself completely free? When was the last time you gave yourself permission to try something new, let go of control and found complete surrender? Maybe today is the day you dance for freedom and liberation!

Love and Peace,


Letting Go of Resistance by Adri Kyser Co-Founder Maha Shakti


Understanding & Letting Go of Resistance ~ Adri Kyser

twisted chair pose

I am sure we have all heard the word ‘resistance’ used in several yoga classes.
We are often encouraged to let go of the resistance we may feel and just be in the moment, in the pose, in the flow. This is great advise for class and for our daily life but there are times where resistance may not be a bad thing…

I personally think that resistance is not something we need to avoid like the plague, but we need to understand where it comes from and if it is appropriate. If you are a person that never says “no”, taking on more than you can handle, you will be overwhelmed. Another example is our own body’s immune system helping resist illness and germs. Without it, you will be constantly sick and unable to live a healthy life. The trick lies in recognizing when resistance has valid merits as a form of protection (physically, mentally and emotionally) and when it is getting in our way.

The irony comes when we resist the opportunities to embrace what life has to offer and the endless opportunities to explore and fulfill our fullest potential. Often times, many of us not only resist something unpleasant, but we also find ourselves holding back at opportunities to grow for our greatest good.

Resistance on a personal level can be quite complex. When we are not aware of it, resistance can continue to hold us back… “What we resist persist” and unfortunately it will continue to hold us back until we do something about it. Only when we begin to identify our own emotional, physical or mental resistance levels, we can begin to take the necessary steps to let it go when needed.

As human, we are creatures of habit and change can be difficult to accept, especially when certain patterns are deeply rooted in our subconscious. By becoming the observer through meditation, we begin to identify the source of our resistance. A great way to find answers is by asking, “What am I resisting?” daily and allowing ourselves to spend some quiet time to listen and see what comes up.

If we listen carefully, resistance usually has useful information. It can provide us with the insight we need to move forward and be free. Sometimes resistance comes from fear or from the un-willingness to work hard at letting go of something deeply rooted within us. It can come as a form of our body telling us to slow down or that is time do something different. We cannot continue to do the same thing expecting different results.

The more you take the time to investigate and listen to what resistance is telling you, the easier it becomes to work with it.When we understand resistance in our lives, bodies and personal practices, we may find freedom in ways we never thought possible.

Adri Kyser E-RYT 500 is a Prana Flow yoga teacher and Power Pilates instructor. Adri’s classes are fun, dynamic and inspiring. During her classes, she invites you to surrender and let go of inhibitions allowing you to find your natural and innate flow. For more information please visit her website.

Edited by Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor.