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We are all over town!!!


image So cool to be shopping at LuLulemon at the Galleria Dallas and BAM ! right there on the message board…FRONT AND CENTER… Maha Shakti Teacher Training Co-Founders Amy Johnson & Adri Kyser… Oh, and major props to   TWIST Power yoga too… the word is out and teacher training starts tomorrow- it’s gunna be amazing!



Here we go!



As we get closer to the start of our Maha Shakti Teacher Training , I am reminded of just how enthusiastic  I was when I made the decision to further my practice and become a teacher. Just this morning as I opened  an e mail  from one of our  new students I  read the words , ” I was sooo excited to get this e mail”, and I was right there with her!

What’s even more rewarding  for me is that as I answered her questions and connected her to a mentor/graduate of the Maha Shakti program, I felt the “connection” we talk about in the yoga community. It is such a pleasure to assist others who like me, are ready to branch out and do something different with their lives.

 This is more than just a Yoga Teacher Training course… it is a commitment to oneself to reach higher, to  open your mind and  to learn for the simple  sake of knowledge itself what it is like to be part of a new community. In short,  being a student of  the Maha Shakti 200 RYT  is a commitment to GROW.



Training makes all the difference when comes to getting hired as a Yoga Instructor!


It seems that there is no end to the success stories of our Maha Shakti Graduates! Several of our students have secured teaching jobs in the Dallas  and Fort Worth area.  Ruth “rocked  it” in her interview/audition at Lifetime Fitness and got the job over  large group of candidates.  Ruth says, “all because of the training I received with the Maha Shakti program and it’s directors”!

And this…

“Well, I taught my first official class today and had a BLAST! One of my students is a teacher at that studio and said she couldn’t believe it was my first class. She said my cues and sequencing was great and that I must have had great instructors …  I most certainly DID! Thank you both for everything”. Kathy

Sherry G. had the confidence to become a vendor for the City of Dallas providing yoga classes for the Parks and Recreation Department. ” I felt I could start right away building my own business and creating a new career with the instruction I received from Amy and Adri. I feel I am well prepared to teach an all-level yoga class safely and use the skills I gained  in the Maha Shakti Course to help others develop their practice. I am sooooo excited about my future”! Sherry

Want to be as well-rounded and confident as these instructors? Tha Maha Shakti Teacher Training RYT 200 is starting again this April 2012… you too can be on your new career path with exceptional teaching  skills!

Students of Maha Shakti

Maha Shakti Teacher Trainers

Letting Go of Resistance by Adri Kyser Co-Founder Maha Shakti


Understanding & Letting Go of Resistance ~ Adri Kyser

twisted chair pose

I am sure we have all heard the word ‘resistance’ used in several yoga classes.
We are often encouraged to let go of the resistance we may feel and just be in the moment, in the pose, in the flow. This is great advise for class and for our daily life but there are times where resistance may not be a bad thing…

I personally think that resistance is not something we need to avoid like the plague, but we need to understand where it comes from and if it is appropriate. If you are a person that never says “no”, taking on more than you can handle, you will be overwhelmed. Another example is our own body’s immune system helping resist illness and germs. Without it, you will be constantly sick and unable to live a healthy life. The trick lies in recognizing when resistance has valid merits as a form of protection (physically, mentally and emotionally) and when it is getting in our way.

The irony comes when we resist the opportunities to embrace what life has to offer and the endless opportunities to explore and fulfill our fullest potential. Often times, many of us not only resist something unpleasant, but we also find ourselves holding back at opportunities to grow for our greatest good.

Resistance on a personal level can be quite complex. When we are not aware of it, resistance can continue to hold us back… “What we resist persist” and unfortunately it will continue to hold us back until we do something about it. Only when we begin to identify our own emotional, physical or mental resistance levels, we can begin to take the necessary steps to let it go when needed.

As human, we are creatures of habit and change can be difficult to accept, especially when certain patterns are deeply rooted in our subconscious. By becoming the observer through meditation, we begin to identify the source of our resistance. A great way to find answers is by asking, “What am I resisting?” daily and allowing ourselves to spend some quiet time to listen and see what comes up.

If we listen carefully, resistance usually has useful information. It can provide us with the insight we need to move forward and be free. Sometimes resistance comes from fear or from the un-willingness to work hard at letting go of something deeply rooted within us. It can come as a form of our body telling us to slow down or that is time do something different. We cannot continue to do the same thing expecting different results.

The more you take the time to investigate and listen to what resistance is telling you, the easier it becomes to work with it.When we understand resistance in our lives, bodies and personal practices, we may find freedom in ways we never thought possible.

Adri Kyser E-RYT 500 is a Prana Flow yoga teacher and Power Pilates instructor. Adri’s classes are fun, dynamic and inspiring. During her classes, she invites you to surrender and let go of inhibitions allowing you to find your natural and innate flow. For more information please visit her website.

Edited by Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor.